Friday, September 23, 2011

Day one after construction and transplant

In this blog I will capture with photos the life of a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem. The terrarium consists of a few key ingredients:
           Store bought gravel
           Store bought aquarium grass
           Store bought water purifier
           Store bought air-tight container
           One small jar of pond scum (1 third mud/soil 2 thirds water) from the bottom of a small lake
           Half-bottle of drinking water
           One Cory catfish
           2 Deceased Ghost Shrimp
           2 Live Ghost Shrimp
           One Mystery Snail

  Day One
 The shrimp and catfish have become adapted to their new home. They are actively cleaning up small pin head sized bugs that have come with the pot scum. I was surprised by these when my friend Spencer and I looked into our new jars of pond scum. The small bugs swim around reproducing so that the shrimp and cat fish and possibly the snail can eat them. The grass is for oxygen so that the fish can breath. It should, in theory, self-sustain. We shall see!

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